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Pelican Properties offers a full Property Management service for our property investor clients. Our objective is to ensure that you get the best possible combination of fair market rent and a good tenant.

Our steps to successful Property Management are:

  1. Once you have decided to rent out your property, you will need to sign a Management Agency Agreement with us. This will document the arrangements, right & responsibilities of both yourself and Pelican Properties, including the financial obligations.

  2. We discuss what is important to you, what it is that you are looking for from the property- high rentals, low risk, longevity of tenancy arrangements, flexibility of tenancy, so we are sure what you want.

  3. We advertise the property in the Sydney Morning Herald and local newspapers, as well as placing it on the Pelican Properties website.

  4. We show the property to prospective tenants and ask them to complete the tenancy application form.

  5. We check all references provided. We attempt to ensure that the tenant selected is the tenant with the best ability to meet the weekly rental commitment and the one who is going to look after your assets in the best possible way.

  6. We discuss our assessment on the prospective tenants with you and collective make the choice.

  7. The day the lease is signed, or the day before, we inspect the property and write up our inspection report. We sign the lease on your behalf, taking time to explain to the tenants their rights & responsibilities under the agreement. The tenant will pay to Pelican Properties, which we will receive on your behalf, Bond Money and Rent in Advance. The money must be paid before the keys are given to the tenant. A copy of the lease agreement and inspection report are forwarded to you for your records.

  8. During the term of the tenancy we will inspect the property six monthly. We will write to you the results of our inspection.

  9. At the end of every month we account to you the rent paid, and any bills paid on your behalf. We will follow up on any unpaid rent. Initially we will phone and follow up with a letter, however if there is longer term problem, we will issue a Notice to Quit once the rent arrears is in excess of 14 days. We know the current legislation with regard to tenancies and we will ensure you are consulted before we take any action on your behalf.

  10. We will arrange for any repairs to be carried on your property by our panel of tradespeople. For any repairs greater than $200 we will advise you in advance (unless vital emergency repairs where a decision is needed immediately).

  11. Periodically we will review the rent, and advise you of current market conditions, to ensure that they remain a fair market rent.

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